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The Problem In the event of an emergency evacuation from your home, would you leave a family member behind?

Many pet owners must do so when faced with a natural or man-made disaster.   People being evacuated from a dangerous area, ravaged by fires, severe weather, floods, tornado activity, or chemical spills, usually must leave their animals to fend for themselves.  The animals, fearing the unknown, often put themselves in danger of being injured or lost forever.

The Solution

The Animals' Disaster Team (ADT) in Ohio , a non-profit organization, is an all-volunteer program founded in 1992.  Under the direction of local emergency rescue authorities and the American Red Cross, ADT will respond to provide temporary emergency assistance including housing, food, and basic first aid for all animals in the community.  In addition, ADT has created an emergency action plan that they are urging cities within Ohio to adopt.

History of the Team

What is a Disaster

Training Process

Ohio  Chapters

Fundraisers and Events!

ADT's Application for Membership

We need your help!

Because ADT is a non-profit organization, we depend on donations and fundraisers to raise money to purchase items needed to help animals in times of disaster.  These items may be crates, food bowls, leashes, etc.   We also need items to coordinate our rescue efforts in the event of a disaster.   We would like to purchase two-way radios, a row boat for water rescues, and other potentially necessary rescue items.  Would you consider sending us a tax deductable donation.  Additionally, maybe you would consider participating in one of our fundraisers.

You can also help us by purchasing our products!
These great items may someday save the life of your pet!

You may send checks to:
Animals' Disaster Team
P.O. Box 609205
Cleveland, OH 44109




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